James Bowman’s NWSL Travel Log | Day #4

Today I’m going to celebrate!

 Recently someone told me to share my thoughts & experiences with all of you as part of how I might serve you better. So I took this trip to Fiji as a way to test the waters, if you will, and see if I could do it. See if anyone would care or even better benefit from it.

The response has been overwhelming. I sincerely thank you all for your correspondence. They have been uplifting and inspire me to continue with this new experiment.

My whole goal is to support you in any way I can. I just didn’t realize, before now, that this was a good way to do so. I guess I’ve had a few bad examples of how to do this in the past. When people wrote on the Internet (blogged, emailed, twittered,whatever you call it) it always was full of self aggrandizement or negative in tone or just plain mundane and I was turned off! Didn’t want to read it or contribute to it.

Then someone said, “just share your thoughts with a dear friend and there you go.” Well that is definitely how I view our little Strength Lab family so that wasn’t so hard. I pledge to you not to self promote, bitch & complain, or try to separate you from your money. That wouldn’t inspire me anyway.

I tell all my new therapists, coaches, and prospects. This is the easiest job in the world in some ways. All you have to do is try to help people! So thanks again for your support of my support. I guess its true, if you pay attention, you learn something new every day!

In good health,