James Bowman’s NWSL Travel Log | Day #5

I had a response to one of my latest emails that I want to share with everyone so as to correct any confusion about my intent. It went as follows:
” There is one thing that none of us has a choice about and that is the genetic information we receive from our ancestors and its massive effect on longevity and quality of life along the way. I believe that your message is a good one and one we all likely dream about living. However, over a rather long life I have also come to recognize the downside of painting the ideal as reachable by all and that it is in each individual’s power to do so.”

Thank you for your thoughtful and thought provoking response.

The ideal I speak of however, is the individual’s ideal, unique to each and every one of us. The one, sadly enough, so few of us ever fully realize. Regardless of genetic code, one can make good choices and one can make bad choices that definitely impact one’s life in a very significant way.

Regardless of genetic code, eating the right foods at the right times in the correct proportions, sleeping the right amount of time at regular intervals in the optimal position, having an active rather than sedentary lifestyle, being surrounded by a loving family and community, exercising at regular intervals with the appropriate force application, being self aware and addressing injury or illness in a timely fashion, can all have a major impact on ones quality and quantity of life.

This is what I was referring to as the ideal. The fact that so few reach their’s is what I want to help change in any way that I can. That’s part of my ideal. That’s part of my genetic code.

I am the voice that says take personal responsibility! Know yourself and take massive action. We must learn to do our absolute best! Call me crazy but, I believe it is only through unwavering focus that we can ever hope to achieve our own personal ideal.

Be your best! Be outstanding!

In good health,