James Bowman’s NWSL Travel Log | Day #6

Well, my trip is almost over. I hate to see it end, but I am so excited to get home and see my family, friends and the wonderful community that surrounds me on Bainbridge Island. It’s saying a lot to be happy to leave a place like Fiji.
As I sit here on the plane it is currently the 17th hour of my 25-hour commute. Ugh! My body is aching, my head is spinning with all the things waiting for me at home, and the prepackaged food on the plane is in stark contrast to the wonderful fresh food I’ve been eating for the last 10 days.

It’s the perfect storm: sitting still for hours on end, exposure to lots of people’s germs, stress of the upcoming obligations, lack of quality sleep & bad food.

Most people think of pain as coming from an acute injury like a fall or car accident. And of course, it often does. But, the sneaky kind (and more common kind) is the one that comes from stasis.

For me this is one full day of sitting in an otherwise blessedly active lifestyle. But for most, this is more like the norm. I feel for those of you who have to do frequent and regular travel or sit at a desk for hours on end…or both.

The human body has evolved over millions of years for movement. By sitting still for hours our bodies stiffen, and over time, begins to atrophy. The fluids of our bodies, which is most of our bodies, slow down and form eddies and backwaters. This fluid stasis is the breading ground for disease and disfunction. The pumps of our body, of which there are many, work over time to make up the difference, but still fall short of optimum.

As this inflammation accumulates and the pain sets in we feel less an less like doing anything. We must fight this urge and move, get back to healthy food ASAP upon arrival, and get some solid sleep!

People come into my office all the time saying this or that pain pattern “just mysteriously started, there was no event.” But from the perspective we are currently discussing we know where it is probably coming from don’t we.

So, do your best to address these issues in your daily lifestyle and stay off my table. If you need help, by all means, come and see me. That’s what I’m here for. But, think about how many ways you can make seemingly small changes and create preventative habits. Support yourself and don’t fall into harmful patterns.

I look forward to walking soon! I look forward to the beautiful BI ferry sunset at the other end of this trip! And I look forward to seeing you all once again!

In good health,