Frequently Asked Questions:

1) Do you take Insurance? 

Patients pay on day of service but we do provide you with a paid invoice that can be submitted to your insurance company for direct reimbursement. Please call your insurance company to determine if you have Massage Therapy benefits, and if so, whether a physician referral/preauthorization is required. It does help to get a prescription for Neuromuscular Therapy or Manual Therapy with the specific diagnosis codes specifying where you are having pain. Insurance companies prefer to see diagnosis codes from the doctor and procedure codes from us for the optimum chance of getting your treatment paid for.

2) Does the treatment hurt?

Treatments are painless! One of the main advantages to Strain and Counterstrain is that it is a pain-free manual therapy technique. Counterstrain’s ability to reduce overactive stretch reflexes gives this technique excellent permanency. In essence, with this technique, the body corrects itself instead of being “forced” into a correction. The muscular or musculoskeletal form of Counterstrain is targeted directly to the muscles of the human body and thus has many clinical applications. Post-operative muscle spasm, tension headaches, low back pain, neck pain, tennis elbow and sprained ankles are just a few examples of conditions that respond to this form of Strain and Counterstrain technique.

3) What conditions do you treat?

Click here to view some of the conditions we treat. If you don't see your diagnosis listed, please contact us!

4) What should I wear?

Please wear comfortable & loose clothing that allows you move. (Ex: yoga pants & a cotton T-shirt)