James Bowman |  In the Press

On amazing abs: “The serratus highlights or accents the ribs, making the whole torso appear more defined,” says trainer James Bowman, owner of Northwest Strength Lab.
Shape Magazine, November 2012
''James Bowman's genius plan incorporates the three main types of movements your abs do every day – and the exercises he’s put together are creative, so you can’t help but get results!"
Shape Magazine, May 2008
"First up was James Bowman, an ex-college football player and model – think Robert Redford, only big and muscly – whom I’d heard about for years as the guy who changed my friend Tracey’s body and helped to make Claire Danes look so great …"
Vogue Magazine, April 2008
"Use "micro" movements - when doing a squat, try to slide your feet in and then out without actually moving your legs", suggests James Bowman 
Shape Magazine, January 2010
"MMA is the martial arts equivalent of cross-training – it works your entire body," explains James Bowman
Shape Magazine, November 2009
"By improving your agility, you’ll do almost every daily activity better," says James Bowman
Natural Health Magazine, April 2007
"Walking can be very empowering," celebrity trainer James Bowman … tells Life & Style.
Life & Style Magazine, March 2007
"Trainer’s Strategy; Starting with the most challenging move and finishing with the easiest helps you maximize the sculpting power", says James Bowman
Shape Magazine, January 2007
"If you want to lose weight & get healthier, it’s not just about exercise. It’s about diet, lifestyle and sleep, & the proper medical attention,” - Bowman Port Orchard Independent, January 2013  [Click HERE to read the full article]