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James Bowman - Bainbridge Island Studio

James Bowman - Bainbridge Island Studio

When James Bowman moved to Bainbridge Island from New York City in 2007, he wanted to recreate the ancient Greek concept of “Gymnasium”, a center where exercise and massage were combined to treat disease and promote health.

At its inception, the Gymnasium became an important center of society where philosophers and athletes gathered to exercise and discuss ideas. It was a place where the young were educated, soldiers trained and the sick healed.

Bowman, a licensed* massage practitioner specializing in neuromuscular therapy and Fascial Counterstrain and a strength and conditioning coach, believes that science is finally getting around to proving the ancients right. That great value is found in the simple functional training of old: Martial arts, Olympic style weightlifting, kettlebell training and plyometrics are a few examples of the types of training utilized by Strength Lab. These modalities combined with structural and manual therapy all implemented with a strong emphasis on education complete James’ vision of the modern gymnasium. 

*License: NCI# 597668-10